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Max Mason

Max Mason currently lives and works in London. She is a graduate of the Royal College of Art and recipient of a Delfina studio award. Between 2001 and 2010 she was a co-ordinator of Braziers International Artists workshop and has since produced and participated in workshops in both Kenya and Jordan. Mason has held associate and senior lecturer posts at Chelsea College of Art of Design, exhibited in the UK and abroad and her work is held in many private and corporate collections.




Max Mason, 'Bo Red Dog', 2020, acrylic on canvas
Max Mason, 'Clicks', 2020, acrylic on canvas
'Real Time' installation view

Max Mason faithfully describes familiar people and places but with an acidic palette, like Fauvism on Pepto-Bismol. It leaves each scape reverberating with a lights-up, closing-time sense of tension. The urban-pastoral scenes of 'Bo Red Dog', 2020, and 'Clicks', 2020, are a long way from Derain’s hot and heady rural France and notions of the bucolic vista as pictorial pleasure zone. Mason boldly harnesses the trope and uses it to confrontational effect. The delicious marks and deft detailing of bark and branches appear to challenge the graffiti, sprayed on trunks, for a place in the artificiality stakes. Her (analogue) pushing of the colour curves, as if subjecting the composition to the effects of a pathetic fallacy filter, connects us with the gritty atmospherics of public spaces and the narrative possibilities they foster.

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