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Selma Parlour

It was actually while looking at Parlour’s beautiful solo show ‘Activities for the Abyss’ at Pi Artworks London in 2019 I had the beginnings of an idea for Superfice. The inviting, yet ultimately impenetrable nature of her compositions keeps the eye moving across the surface of each canvas. In the hunt for visual entryways, through the implied sense of multiple spaces created, we become aware of the extraordinary details: the processes that allow paint to convey qualities of many other material and archi-spatial properties.


As a viewer, there is a real sense of being manipulated, siren-called into vistas that so nearly become places open and accessible for projection, only to be kept at the threshold. But the notion of a limited view is entirely tempered by the surface intricacies; we are happy to be implicated in such a visually rewarding and purposely game-like strategy. Parlour is represented by Pi Artworks London/Istanbul.

"I’m preoccupied with preordained parameters, chiefly the convention of a bare, rectangular two-dimensional prepared field hung on a wall at an approximate eye level. Abstraction, so the viewer cannot cognitively convert any illusion; effectively my paintings are diagrams: space represented, yet curtailed. My surfaces are immaculate and haptic to invite the viewer’s scrutiny."

Selma Parlour


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